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Welcome To Treasure Quest!

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Game #1 Treasure Amount: $1,500 (click here to enter)
Game #2 Treasure Amount: $5,000 (click here to enter)

This will be a scavenger hunt game. The game consist of contestants finding clues in the real world, then logging into the website and entering their answers on their Gamer Profile / Account page. The first person to answer all the clues wins the grand prize. Contestants can purchase "Super Clues" which are advanced helpful clues in case they get stumped. If a person attempts to answer a clue more then 3 times during a 24 hour period, without entering a correct answer, then they will be blocked from entering any more clues for 48 hours. All clue answers must match exactly to the clue answer which is set in the super admin. Contestants must be a member to participate in any games. Most games will require a payment to enter but I will have some that are free to play (membership still required).  To start, I will only be using Paypal for payments and will need to be able to enter in Paypal form codes into the Super Admin. I do not want the editor modifying any code I put in.

The Super Admin link you currently see in the top menu will not appear to members. It will only appear to me when I am logged in. This super admin will allow me to create multiple games and adjust the settings for each game. I would like to install some type of open source user management. Basically, I need a way for people to register as a member and have some minor profile details such as name, email, phone, age e.t.c. I need a way to mass email all members and the ability to add, edit and delete members.

Open Source Member Management Systems: